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Customized Social Media Strategy

Every business is different in its nature and needs. Same strategy cannot be applied to every business in similar situation. Your competitor might need running ads on Instagram and you on the other hand need marketing on Pinterest or may be on Facebook. It all depends what your goal are and what are looking for.

Marketing or running ad campaigns without planning or right strategy is a suicide.
Therefore, instead of burning money on ads and doing marketing in a way that affects your business negatively get in touch with us so that we can go ahead and take a deep dive on what you are looking for through social media and how we can help you to grow your business. Click the button below to get in touch.

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What is in it for you?

Keeping you always ahead of your competition is a task and it really takes strategies that work and content that really matters. You know your products and services best and we know how to sell it best be it any social media platform. We Keep an Eagle eye on your competition and trends in your industry and keep on updating your social platforms accordingly. We are a call or a click away. Click below for free social media consultation call for your business.



Bespoke Marketing Plans

We'd love to share our knowledge and experience

We just Don’t market your product or service through social media but always create a way wherein your potential or existing customer or clients can be put into some sort of funneling to churn the ads or that post and turn it into transaction system.

We always start planning about any ads or post keeping in mind what you are offering and what your customer will think and react on that post. Our every post has a deep hidden meaning to bring back the customers into any kind of sales funnel.

Stay Connected

Who can deny the facts that how beneficial it is for any business to stay connected through social media however strategy matters. Therefore not only we suggest it but we ourselves stay connected with you.

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Think Ahead

Social media marketing makes you plan and think ahead of time. If not done strategically any business will lose money not only in ads but sometime your competitors go ahead of you.

  • We always keep You 1 Month Ahead
  • Before Time Delivery
  • Your Client Or Customer Centric
  • We Are Your Best Bet

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K.S Elliot
K.S ElliotE-commerce Store
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Can't thank team click saffron enough as they took me out from zero and help me made my First million dollar. Yeaaah... God Bless Guys
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The moment i think of lead or lead gen "click saffron" is the name that always pops up in my head. Thank you so very much peps as my pipe line for leads is always filled now.
AlicanFitness Club & Restaurants
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Amazing Response From Ad Campaigns . Insane Opt-In rates for my premium subscription & yes very thankful to you guys for helping me with sales of my supplements as well.

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Social Content Mapping

Social Media content mapping and planning be it on Facebook, Instagram LinkedIn or any such platform.


Looking strategically for the content and post bringing in more leads and revenue or building Brand Awareness.


Creating and handling the paid content like promotions and pay per click ads and optimizing it in a way that it brings more revenue

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You don't have to be always there to answer your clients as we will be hooking your social media platforms through our automation system to attend your clients or customers.

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Re-targeting your clients and customers on social media like Facebook who have already engaged with your content or shown interest earlier to bring in more revenue.

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Analytics & Reports

Weekly reports will be shared through e-mail to show you the progress and initiatives will be taken to bring in more revenue or create a brand awareness.

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